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September 18, 2016

Beautiful Urban Architecture Boosts Health and Happiness

"It is the overall cohesion of architecture and design which boosts people’s health and happiness, not just the number of parks and trees."

“Just because a place is green does not compel us to feel better on its own. It seems to be that the beauty of the environment, as measured by scenicness, is of crucial importance. Our results suggest that the beauty of our everyday environment might have more practical importance than was previously believed. In order to ensure the wellbeing of local inhabitants urban planners and policymakers might find it valuable to consider the aesthetics of the environment when embarking upon large projects to build new parks, housing developments or highways. Our findings imply that simply introducing greenery, without considering the beauty of the resulting environment, might not be enough.”


Men Are Rapists Until Proven Innocent - CNN's Ashleigh Banfield

CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield refers to the female accuser in a rape case as the victim instead of the ALLEGED victim, which is assuming that the male accused was guilty until proven innocent.

It is ironic because while she did that, she implied that the Judge has engaged in stereotypical or biased thinking regarding the woman. She on the other hand is assuming the man guilty even after he had been acquitted, which she doesn't seem to regard as stereotypical or biased at all.

The Judge was right to question the accuser during the case. Don't want to be questioned, don't take someone to court.

And since the man was acquitted, meaning that the rape allegations were proven to be false, the Judge was also right to advise the man to protect himself against any future false rape allegations.

If he was wrongly acquitted, that's another matter. (The verdict was overturned on appeal, trial rescheduled.)

September 16, 2016

Why Beauty Matters

"The beautiful work of art brings consolation in sorrow and affirmation in joy. It shows human life to be worthwhile.

Many modern artists have become weary of this sacred task. The randomness of modern life, they think, could not be redeemed by art. Instead it should be displayed."

"Art once made a cult of beauty. Now we have a cult of ugliness instead. This has made art into an elaborate joke, one which by now has ceased to be funny."

September 15, 2016

Muslim Women DON'T Need Saving

The Western crusade to rescue Muslim women has reduced them to a simplistic stereotype. Women and girls, like Malala Yousafzai, are portrayed in the West as victims of the Islam and Muslim culture. But they don’t always behave the way they are expected to.

For example:

1. After being “liberated,” women in Afghanistan didn’t take off their burqas, which are regarded as symbols of oppression in the West:

What most Westerners don’t know is that the burqa is seen by many Muslim women as “portable seclusion”,  a liberating invention because it enables them to move out while still observing their religious requirements of separating and protecting women from people unrelated.

2.  Education for girls and Islam are not at odds, as was suggested when atheist Sam Harris praised Malala for standing up to the “misogyny of traditional Islam:

"Across the Muslim world girls have even been going to state schools for generations. In Pakistan, poverty and political instability undermine girls’ schooling, but also that of boys. Yet in urban areas, girls finish high school at rates close to those of young men, and they are only fractionally less likely to pursue higher education. In many Arab countries, and in Iran, more women are in university than men. In Egypt, women make up a bigger percentage of engineering and medical faculties than women do in the U.S.”


June 12, 2016

Marvi Sarmad vs Hafiz Hamidullah, Gynocentrism and Misandry

The Marvi Sirmed vs Hafiz Hamdullah on-screen fight was a classic example of the gynocentrism and misandry prevalent in our society. Even though Sirmed was the first to use threats of violence against Hamdullah (she said "I'll break your legs"), the media as well as the social media was up in arms against Hamdullah, demonizing him for the things he said in retaliation to the abuse and threats of violence initiated by Sirmed. Sirmed was portrayed as the innocent victim of Muslim male aggression.

On TV and social media, politicians, lawmakers and media representatives condemned Maulana Hamdullah's actions (which in truth was his reaction to Sirmed's threats), some also calling for revoking his Senate membership.

Mubashir Luqman even threatened to kill any "maulvi" who addressed any woman disrespectfully, even if he was just reacting to her threats of violence like Hamdullah:

Sirmed claimed Hamdullah also attempted to physically attack her, stopped only by panelist Fayaz ul Hassan Chauhan coming in the way and having the channel's management call its security staff.

Allegations of attempted physical violence were accompanied by pictures and videos meant to depict Hamidullah getting up to hit Sirmed, One picture in particular which showed Hamdullah allegedly attempting to hit Sirmed.

The picture was in fact Hamdullah just pointing at Sirmed while switching seats with Fayaz ul Hassan Chauhan upon his suggestion. The video provides clear evidence for this, but the liberals took the liberty to disregard it, and went on with their agenda:

Hafiz Hamdullah explains and clarifies the same in this video:

This is not meant to justify the extremist views of Hamdullah, but to show that he only retaliated in kind after being provoked by Sirmed's abusive language which was very conveniently ignored by everyone in the media, even though her vulgar tongue is legendary.